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SME trade academy

Introduction to Cross-border Contracts


This course begins by defining the main attributes of cross-border contracts and outlines their differences from domestic contracts, before moving on to explain the preliminary process of contracting and the early-on documents that are required by both parties to establish a basis for entering into a formal contractual relationship. The course then continues to introduce various useful resources for SMEs to use in their work with contracts, such as the ITC Model Contracts, the UNIDROIT Principles, the Vienna Convention (CISG), and the International Chamber of Commerce. Finally, it highlights the most important legal concepts for cross-border contracts such as good faith, freedom of contract, reasonableness, materiality, and force majeure, and finishes by providing a quick overview of important terms and conditions of which SMEs should be aware including payment, delivery, insurance, and compliance.

Course format


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Successfully use early-on documents to navigate the preliminary contracting process;
  • Enter into legally sound contractual relationships with parties in other countries;
  • Use the UNIDROIT Principles and/or CISG and the International Chamber of Commerce to ensure fairness and standardization in their contracts;
  • Identify situations in which important legal concepts such as force majeure will apply; and
  • Use a variety of legal concepts to ensure that their rights are protected during cross-border trade.
  • Language

    English ‎(en)‎


    Participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion issued in electronic format.

    Next start date

    28, Jun 2021


    Lecture 1: Introduction to Contracts Lecture 2: Model Laws for Cross-Border Contracts Lecture 3: Legal Concepts and Terms and Conditions

    Time required

    4 hours over 2 weeks

    Course access

    Open for enrolment

    Course fee

    Free of charge

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