Comprehensive Export Management (EMC)

Export Management Company is a completely independent company that assumes the duties of an export unit of a company (producer) in the form of a formal contract and is committed to establishing a long-term relationship between producer and consumer in the export market.
What distinguishes this company from an export trading company is the obligation arising from the prohibition of the possibility of buying and selling goods by this company and, by its nature, out of the realm of intermediation. An export management company is committed to create, maintain, expand and stabilize the export market of manufacturing products in a continuous planning and provide its income from the sales share in the export market (it is necessary to mention several methods to determine the share Definable income that is out of the content of this article).

Export Readiness Assessment (ERA)

Global markets have opened their gates to the ordinary flow of goods and services, investment and other economic activities, removing barriers to world trade in the past and expanding the means of communication to reduce the impact of time and distance on trade. Extensive developments in various fields have dramatically changed the nature of economic activity, and the market is in a situation where it is quite susceptible to any business activity. However, exploiting this ready space for international trade requires developing the capabilities of exporters. One of the most important measures in this field is to measure the readiness of companies to enter global markets effectively. Kavir Negin International Export Management Company uses the Export Readiness Assessment (ERA) model to evaluate the standard of export potential of its customers and helps them to reach a reliable export market. It should be noted that the presentation of definite and conclusive results is subject to expert reviews of documents and supplementary cases that will be notified to you through the related expert.

Marketing Management

The growing dependence of companies on international business and the intensification of competition have raised the issue of international market selection as one of the most critical decisions in the internationalization strategy. An important challenge in international market research is understanding the different condition in which the company intends to operate. Understanding factors such as economic, political, legal and cultural infrastructure in addition to the potential of the target market is necessary for a company to succeed in exports. Therefore, in market research, we go beyond the usual primary and secondary research of export marketing, and after conducting an export readiness assessment, we will identify and implement critical points that need to be focused on the marketing plan in a customized way for each manufacturer and target market. This process is called marketing management in the comprehensive export management program.

Mentoring and consulting (Professional Mentoring)

1. Consulting in order to establish an export business.

2. Consulting in order to optimize resources and facilities in carrying out export projects.

3. Consulting in the clearance of all kinds of imported and exported goods from all customs of the country.

4. Consulting, planning, management and implementation of the process of domestic and foreign sales of manufactured products (goods and services) of the country's industries and factories in order to improve the value chain

5. Consulting for digital marketing and personal branding.

6. White labeling and Private labeling

7. Company registration in Turkey, Oman, Kenya, Syria and middle Asia.

Employment of an expert through participation in internship projects

Kavir Negin International Export Management Company will hold internships for those who are interested in this field In order to develop the human resource of foreign trade for cooperation in its projects and other business partners Interested parties can refer to the following link or send a message to Whats App number 09033848360 for initial evaluation and announcement of readiness to attend these courses. Follow the link below for information on the whole content that the trainees will be practically involved with during the internship period.

BEEDAR Export Development and Empowerment Center

Specialized business events

One of the important and efficient tools in the development of the export market of manufacturing companies is attending international trade events such as exhibitions, specialized meeting B2B, B2C and B2G meetings, attending trade delegations. In the purpose of business events, we allow companies that have done export readiness assessment and they are in a suitable group and level to participate in the export market to send / receive business delegations and attend in specialized events in accordance with the to field of producer activity and level of readiness attend. The business event maximizes the manufacturer's chances of success by creating a channel of direct communication with the right export customer.

Briefly, the duties of an export management company are divided into two section:

Nowadays, export management companies have been able to make a significant contribution to the development of geographical consumption market by using the accumulation of facilities resources in different markets and reduction of export costs .
Section One

Provide infrastructure services to identify the current situation of a manufacturer and identify the desired situation and ways to achieve the desired situation using the latest global tools, including export readiness assessment, Marketing management, consulting services, provision of internship services and codification of a manufacturer's export strategic document, including the strategy of entering the export market, goals and executive activities to achieve the goals and export budgeting.