Kavir Negin International Export Management Company was started its official activity on 08/24/2013 with registration number 50659, relying on the experimental, scientific, financial and executive support of its shareholders and with the slogan "Think with us to be more successful..” The main purpose of establishing this company is the accumulation of activities and capabilities of shareholders and company managers in order to develop foreign trade with scientific methods within the rules of export management in the specific economic conditions of our beloved country. The shareholders, managers, employees and business partners of the company are both sworn and aligned to achieve this goal. In our first international activity, we succeeded in concluding an exclusive agency agreement with one of the largest producers of healthy beverage in Turkey. And after registering and obtaining the activity license of foreign companies in the Center for Trade Unions and Merchants and obtaining the import health license from the Food and Drug Association and other legal steps during three years in May 2016, we tried to import and distribute this product as the healthiest fermented beverage.
On 08/30/2014, with the determination and cooperation of all partners, we succeeded in establishing a quality management system and obtaining the ISO9001 2008 standard certification. In the beginning of 2014, its most important goal was considering the country's economic situation and the need to develop non-oil exports, it is based on recognizing domestically produced products with comparative export advantage and simultaneously evaluating and identifying markets with potential conditions for Iranian products with using International Trade Center (ITC) market analysis tools
And according to the development plan approved by the board in order to comply with the macro goals, we increased the company's capital from ten million Rials to one billion and ten million Rials. And employing a team of experts in the field of foreign trade to conduct research activities in target markets with the cooperation of business partners in Turkey (Adana and Ghazintap), Iraq (Erbil), the United Kingdom (Pilot Europe - Wales) and South Africa (Pilot Africa - Johannesburg). And with signing memorandum agreements in the fields of marketing and export of goods and services with 3 general trading companies in the mentioned countries, we facilitated the way to reach these markets. After the approval of the law on the establishment of export management companies and with continuous consistency, we obtained an activity license from the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran as one of the export management companies of Iran (EMC).
In 2018, in order to develop the export market and prevent the redouble impact of international sanctions, a part of a company's shares was purchased in Turkey. The company is currently operating in Turkey in the market of importing and selling stone with its warehouse and related equipment in Istanbul (Asian part). The year 2018 has been a year of fundamental changes in the way of performance towards more agility and export focus on the products of small and medium companies (M SME`s) with a focus on knowledge-based products and has an export advantage.
At the beginning of the year, the company's slogan was changed to "Our specialty is our focus and our focus is on export management". Kavir Negin International Export Management Company with a strong database of target buyers and business team, partner and resident in the mentioned markets, suitable facilities for providing export marketing services to domestic producers to enter international markets in the form of export management and Services within the framework of laws approved by export management companies.
Algor brand now has a variety of export products internationally. For more information, visit WWW.AFTER1YEAR.COM. In 2018, with the approval of the Board of Directors, a part of the shares of the International the Silk Road Company was purchased in Turkey. The company is currently operating based in Turkey with the related warehouse and equipment in the stone import and sale market. For more information, visit WWW.UI4T.COM.

Members Of Board

Members Of Targets

Amir Atarod

Objective Manager Export readiness assessment

Although export is a complex process, it can be simplified with intelligence and teamwork and achieve global success. The first step in export simplification is understanding the current status of the producer “ supplier whose goods “ services which is enter the global market. In this goal, we will quantitatively assess the level of export readiness of the manufacturer in a standardized way and determine their current position to develop a customized plan in the next steps.

Maryam Vanaki

Export Marketing Target Manager

The first mistake in exporting can be the last mistake! The second step in the export way is to determine the favorable conditions, so to prevent any error in recognizing the favorable conditions, it is necessary to have a correct knowledge of the export target market. To this end, we will work with a professional manufacturer / supplier to determine the correct way to enter the export market and minimize the possibility of error.

Sanaz Shahverdi

Event Target Manager

One of the most effective way to develop export is to establish a mechanism for face-to-face communication with potential customers in export target markets. Therefore, in this goal, we try to connect the producer / supplier to the applicants (customer / consumer) by holding international specialized events of B2B or B2C completely purposefully and ordered.

Bahar Khoshgohar

Internship goal manager

Although the country's education system is trying to train specialized and efficient staff to develop the country's exports, but the share of using up-to-date experiences in the field of exports in this educational system is not enough. To this end, we have created a process so that those interested in working as a foreign business expert can align their level of executive capability and export knowledge with the export ecosystem at the international level by participating in real defined targeted projects.

The main previous activities during the export of Kavir Negin International Management Company

1.Exclusive import agent of Glin Tashi Gida company from Turkey (company producing all kinds of non-carbonated drinks) - 2013 till now.

2. Exclusive sales and export agency of centrifugal pre-filter in 6 countries in the region. (Patent for the separation of silica particles from the air entering the engine) Issued in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Oman and Dubai - 2014 till now.

3. Exporter of various garden and greenhouse products in the northern regions, including kiwi, bell pepper, cucumber, tomato and apple tree with a unique characteristic of health (export management contract) 2013- 2018.

4. Consultant and executor of market research and export management project of Nature Saber Company (Cinere) in Kenya and Syria – 2017- 2018.

5. Joint investment in the reconstruction, equipment and operation of the huge Epic Yulu (Silk Road) tourist service complex in Adana, Turkey. 1396 till now.

6. Exclusive Representative of Export Management of Asia Profile Company (manufacturer of all kinds of profiles, wall sheds, road safety guardrails and solar cell installation equipment - export to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq - 2017 till now.

7. Management and export of building stones to Turkey through joint venture in Kaladar warehouse in Istanbul. 2019 till now.

8. Consultant and executor of export services office in the growth center of Islamic Azad University, Najafabad branch - 2019 till now.

9.Mentor in Isfahan Chamber of Commerce Export Accelerator - 2019 till now.

10. Member of the Association of Industrial Managers of Iran - 2020 till now.

11. Member of the Board of Directors of Isfahan Exporters Association 2019 till now.

12. Export Management Consultant of Isfahan Province House of Industry, Mines and Commerce - 2020 till now.

13. Official Export Management Agent and Mentor of Export Development and Technology Exchange Corridor of the Vice President for Science and Technology - 2020 till now.

14. Official Empowerment Agent of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund of the Vice President for Science and Technology - 1400 till now.

15. Consultant and executor of export management project of Fardangar Bitapolymer Company 2020.

Beedar Export Development and Empowerment Center

In 2020, based on the needs of graduates of fields related to foreign business, the Beedar Export Development and Empowerment Center was established. The duties of this training center are for trainees who are interested in the field of export management for a period of 12 weeks. The center has designed and implemented a 12-weeks course using the "Export Business Triangle" concept model. In this course, trainees get acquainted with the main concepts of sustainable export in a work project with mentoring company experts, gain the necessary knowledge for the export process.