Kavir Negin International Company

Kavir Negin Keyhan International Company is an export management company (has been licensed by EMC from the Trade promotion Organization). By taking advantage of the algebraic sum more than 50 years of export knowledge of our specialized team in the role of a certified business intermediary, we provide all the duties of an agile and professional foreign trade unit to the manufacturer. Also, by using the advanced tool of "Comprehensive Export Management Program - 1400", we provide various export management services to the manufacturer in 6 key sections to minimize the concerns of the manufacturer's mind in creating a domestic business unit.
Please be in touch with us through one of the ways of communication to get more information about our services and the comprehensive export management program in 1400.
Kavir Negin International Export Management Company always operates at the level of international standards and by observing the principles of professional business ethics, modern business rules and respect for domestic and foreign stakeholders and competitors, while paying special attention to environmental maintenance tries to have the vision and knowledge of manufacturers to the world level through innovation, creativity and teamwork. Using appropriate tools, facilitate the way for professional entry into international markets in the form of exports for Iranian goods and plays a constructive role in creating foreign currency wealth ,and improving the quality of life worthy for every Iranian person.
The company chart in the latest version 1400 is specifically coincident to the comprehensive program of export management in 1400. In this chart, by smart agility of managers in the role of leader of the 6 goals of the company and playing a role in the teams of recruitment, implementation and infrastructure, they execute the way to achieve the goals and through a system of intelligent and self-control modify the way.

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The features which we are proud of :

  • strategic management89%
  • effective leadership75%
  • training and development78%
  • job security atmosphere81%
  • systematic performance appraisal93%
Export Business Triangle
The export business triangle is a unique model and originates from the algebraic sum of more than 50 years experiences of the export management team of International Kavir Negin Company. This model is displayed in the form of a symbol which includes three triangles of export insight, export knowledge and export tools. Each of these triangles, which are part of the sides of the principle triangle, individually, contains several parts that are completely acquired and can be achieved and enhanced through intelligent and purposeful training and action. Maybe, Be the starting point for promoting the thinking and culture of export management. It is essential to note that no action or process will be without its flaws, therefore, we are receptive to the criticism and suggestions of all professors and experts in the field of export continuously.
  • Export-business-triangle

    Insight means an understanding of oneself and relationships with others which clarifies past experiences or helps someone to solve a problem.

    Export insight and contemplation means: Focus on our export goals and plans on a daily basis. Remember that practical thinking is mental  and a process and it comes up when you face a problem!

    So as long as export is not tangible to you as an issue and a mental concern for you, you will not be on the way of export thinking!

    Export insight and thinking
    Export Business Triangle
  • Export-business-triangle

    Export tool is a set of virtual and real rules, procedures, resources and facilities to realize the export process. Having tools without knowledge of their exploitation will lead to unsuccessful export.

    It is important to know which tools are useful for our work! And know how to use these tools.

    Export tools
    Export Business Triangle
  • Export-business-triangle

    Knowledge is a set of attitudes, experiences, and steps that are put together properly. Hence, it is a good guide for thoughts, behaviors and communication. Knowledge should not be confused with science! Science is a sub-branch of the of knowledge.

    Science does not depend on place, time and people, but knowledge depends on individual or organization, but it can has information for us!

    In fact, knowledge is the ability to apply information in practice, relying on human intelligence and experience.

    Export knowledge
    Export Business Triangle